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Lindiwe: Pretoria woman creates own sanitary pad


Nompilo Gwala

It was her passion for women empowerment that sparked an idea to create her own sanitary pad.

Lindiwe Nkune is a mother of two girls and like most women, she was inspired to start something that would generate income but also create a legacy for herself and her children.

“Women need to find ways to generate income,” she said.

Lindiwe is a sanitary towel with high-absorbance, anti-leakage, odour blockage, anti-bacterial and suitable for people who are active. It is a female owned sanitary pads company that started in Pretoria, Gauteng.

Its aim is to help women generate income if they join the initiative as distributors. Nkune was involved in a number of organizations that distributed sanitary towels to girls in disadvantaged communities.

Her passion for helping women ignited the idea to start her own line of pads. She is a self-funded business woman but the 35-year-old is also grateful for the support she received from ABSA Enterprise Development.

“I did not have anyone to help me with funding my business so I had to use my own personal money,” she said.  “I also got support from ABSA Enterprise Development.”

Nkune has a contract with a manufacturer who makes and does the packaging for her but could not mention the name of the company as it is confidential. Lindiwe was launched late last year and has sold thousands of pads to different people and non-government organisations (NGOs).

Business is booming for the young mother and she is calling other women who would like to make a living or have any financial problems to come join her in her journey in distributing her pads. She believes that women need to learn to make money through their menstrual cycle.

“Women need to learn to generate an income through their menstrual blood,” she said.

Looking for opportunities like any other business person, Nkuna is in a process of a breakthrough deal with two big retail stores.

“I can’t mention the retailers at this point, I don’t want to jinx it but it’s looking good so far but don’t worry when the deal has been closed I will definitely make a noise about it everywhere.”

A pack of Lindiwe pads cost R13,50, relatively cheaper that the brands on the market. Nkuna said she is currently negotiating with major retailers to stock her product and will make an announcement in due course.


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