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Ebola continues to claim lives in the DRC


The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are still fighting disease outbreaks such as Ebola and Cholera as they continue to claim lives of many individuals in the Republic.

To date there have been about 2,000 cases of Ebola which is still killing people.

Last week Saturday, the new attack resulted in the death of a health worker in the area of North Kivu. These deaths caused by the outbreaks are increasingly adding on the statistics of over 1 200 people who have already lost their lives due to Ebola since last year August.

World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Director for Africa, Dr Matshidiso Moeti said the DRC government’s slow reaction to the matter was one of the issues complicating the situation further.

“Insecurity really is what is making the response to this Ebola outbreak so challenging and also so unpredictable,” said Moeti.

She also said the issue around the increase in the number of deaths was the lack of health care facilities as people could not access proper health care on time whenever they are sick.

“When the response can’t reach people, they don’t get the chance to be vaccinated or to receive life-saving treatments if they do fall ill,” Moeti added.

Although everyone is exposed to risk, WHO has placed more than 700 workers to work together with other health professionals in the affected regions.


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