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‘I was not a spy’ – State Security Minister


State Security Minister Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba’s office has responded to the allegations made by a weekend newspaper accusing her of being a former spy.

Duba is accused of living a double life as a Limpopo MEC and a paid spy for more than 10 years, earning millions of rand which she never declared to Parliament. In a statement issued on Wednesday night, Duba’s office has denied all allegations made against her.

“The State Security Agency (SSA) is ordinarily loathe to comment on its methods and resources,” read the statement. “However, in light of the article published in Independent Newspapers group on 19 May 2019 alleging that Minister Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba was an agent of the SSA, it is in the public interest element that we respond.

“In this regard we wish to categorically state that Minister Letsatsi-Duba has never been a source or agent of the SSA.”

The paper claimed that four sources had confirmed that her alleged spy activities had been conducted through a front company, Motse Pele Security, co-founded with her late husband Mose Jacob Duba in 1996.

According to the publication, through this company, the State Security Agency (SSA) bought luxury cars and rented safe houses in the country and abroad such as Mauritius. Furthermore, a senior official in the agency accused Duba of spying on her fellow ANC cadres ahead of the ANC’s Polokwane conference 12 years ago.

She was paid millions for her efforts according to the source. It was also alleged that she spied on her comrades between 2005 until recently, when her services were seemingly terminated by the former State Security Minister, David Mahlobo.

The company allegedly also had been in possession of the agency’s cars until late 2018, when a whistleblower told President Cyril Ramaphosa’s about the high-level review panel (HLRP). The article reports that Duba secretly returned the cars to the agency.

Another Senior SSA official accused Former Safety and Security minister Sydney Mufamadi of failing to disclose information about Duba’s alleged spying activies. This comes after a 78-page response to the HLRP was released by Former SSA Director General, Arthur Fraser.

According to another report, Fraser claimed that the HLRP report was misleading to President Cyril Ramaphosa.  A 10-members panel was set up to probe allegations of corruption and maladministration within the agency.

Fraser declined to comment to the newspaper on Letsatsi-Duba’s alleged spy activities.

Duba was appointed Deputy Minister of Public Service and Administration in March 2019. She reportedly approached Fraser and demanded millions of rands for her work as an alleged spy. She was only paid a “certain portion.”


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