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Former President Ian Khama backs new party


With just five months to the general elections in Botswana, a new party that has no name yet has emerged into the political space and has received blessings from former president, Ian Khama and is his brainchild.

Mmegi reports that the drafting of the party’s constitution is underway and preliminary structures are being place while proposals are being sent to recruit other high profile members to join the party.

Apart from the former president, the names of those who are pushing and willing to join the party have been kept a secret within the group spearheading the latest developments of this new political party.

The new political party has emerged in a time whereby it is public knowledge that Mokgweetsi Masisi, both as the President of Botswana and Botswana Democratic Party’s is facing a state of difficulty after he had dismissed and suspend numerous high profile people from the party.

Sources closed to the those who are busy with the developments of the new party further revealed that, the party will be started by Khama loyalists who have fallen out with the current leadership under Masisi.

“We are busy with the constitution before we announce our new political party,” a highly placed insider said on condition of anonymity.

Furthermore, the close source revealed that in these upcoming elections they will contest in not more than 15 constituencies be focusing and contesting will mostly be focusing in central districts,

“We will not stand in all 57 constituencies,” he said. We cannot afford to stretch ourselves in such a manner. We will contest elections in not more than 15 constituencies and mostly in Central District”.  Another source said the new party was searching for a leader, who would be known this coming week. “Our movement will also approach the opposition.”

It appears as if the new political party is gearing itself up to split the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) votes, especially in the Central Districts. It is reported that Khama loyal supporters within the BDP are strategizing on the pressure that was placed on them by Masisi.

It also appears that the people within the BDP have divided into factions and possibly planning to take the path that was taken by Botswana Movement for Democracy when it broke away from within the BDP in 2010.

“They have to behave like what the pre-BMD did at the Big Five Lodge in Mogoditshane in 2010. You call every aggrieved member to a public meeting and consider your options. These little secret meetings do not help in anyway. They behave like mere lambs to the slaughter house,” another insider revealed.

Since he stepped down as the President of Botswana back in 2018, Khama and his successor Masis have not seen eye to eye on a number of issues and analysts describe their political relationship as, “irreconcilable, contemptuous and incompatible”.

At the May 4 meeting, Khama listed a chain of alleged offences committed against him by Masisi and his officials both within the party and the government, ever since he left power. He then at a later stage proposed that he would put his departure from the BDP on hold for two to three weeks to further consult stakeholders before handing in his party membership card.


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