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ProKid’s biopic put on hold


According to the late rapper’s family, they will only give his former manager their blessing when he comes up with “conclusive plans”.

Linda “ProKid” Mkhize’s former manager Sidney “Sidmoney” Hall has put plans of making a film based on the late rapper’s life on hold while he consults with his family.

He told Tbo Touch during a radio interview that he wanted to make the film soon and is planning to hold auditions in July.

Sidney was Pro’s manager from April 2004 till December 2006.

A spokesperson from his family, Phumza Nohashe confirmed that they met with Hall to discuss his plans for the biopic.

However, they requested that he put it on ice until he can provide them with more information about the project.

“The family sat down with him and it seemed there was no conclusive plans,” said Nohashe.

“They will not stop him from making a movie. They simply wanted to understand what it was that he was looking to do. He spoke out of excitement.”

Pro’s younger brother, Sandile Mkhize, released a statement that he was displeased to hear news about the biopic of his brother.

“As a family we’re far from engaging on any movie as we’re still wrapping up my brother’s estate,” he said.

“The only project we’ve given our blessings to is the collective tribute album featuring various artists, set to be released later in the year, with all proceeds going to the trust.”

Mkhize also added that family will proceed with caution and any decision regarding a movie would not be rushed.

“All we ask for as a family is that people respect and honour his life with the dignity he gave them. This is Nonkanyezi’s legacy,” He said, referring to ProKid’s daughter. “Let us all be mindful of that.”

ProKid passed last year in August at age of 37.

The news of his passing shocked the music industry.

According to a post-mortem results, the rapper suffered from “Hemosuccus pancreaticus” which is “bleeding in the pancreas, pancreatic duct, or structures near the pancreas, such as the splenic artery, that bleed into the pancreatic duct.”


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