Home Politics Zambia: UPND Leader promises to sell presidential jet if elected

Zambia: UPND Leader promises to sell presidential jet if elected


Hakainde Hichilema, the leader of the Zambian opposition party UPND, promised his supporters to sell the recently bought presidential jet should he win the next elections and become the Head of State.

According to Hichilema, the distressing situation in the economy does not allow buying such expensive vehicles, even to assist the high-profile authorities. Instead, the money should be spent to cover Zambian people’s needs.

“We don’t need that expensive jet to get around. We will sell it and give students their meal allowances, among other important needs,” the leader said.

The list of issues that Hichilema voiced during his speech includes the lack of medical supply, low students’ support, salary arrears within the civil service sector.

“The agriculture sector is at an all-time low, mining firms are shutting down critical operations resulting in massive job losses, the cost of living and doing business keeps escalating, inflation is increasing, the Zambian currency is tumbling against major currencies plus many other depressing issues,”  HICHILEMA ADDED. “Let’s put our heads together and address the ongoing economic collapse.”


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