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Ramaphosa’s next task: A clean, lean cabinet


President Cyril Ramaphosa said the African National Congress (ANC) would deliver on its election promises.

This after the ruling party secured 57.5% of the national vote, down from 62.15% in 2014.

“We want jobs and they said we trust the African National Congress to create jobs for us, for our young people,” Ramaphosa stated. “As the leaders, we’re going to go back to all those communities where there are issues, including Alexandra, myself included.”

Ramaphosa is under pressure to drop ministers implicated in wrongdoing when he assembles his new, trimmed-down cabinet.

South Africa’s cabinet is one of the largest in the world. It had 16 ministries in 1996 and has since ballooned to 34, with 37 deputy ministers.

The National Assembly will hold its first sitting on May 22, according to Parliament’s latest schedule. After its 400 members have been sworn in and the Speaker and Deputy Speaker elected, the new President will be elected.

The Parliament will see a record number of 14 parties represented when the National Assembly convenes.

With the most votes, the ANC will have 230 of the 400 National Assembly seats, 19 fewer than before. The DA will have 84 seats, five fewer than before. The EFF has almost doubled its number of seats, from 25 to 44. The Freedom Front Plus will have 10 seats, up from four, while the IFP will be back with 14 MPs, up from 10. The African Christian Democratic Party also grew and will have four MPs, up from three.

The National Freedom Party now has six seats, down from two, Cope has two (down from three), the UDM two seats (down from four) and the African Independent Congress two (down from three).

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation has urged Ramaphosa not to appoint any of the ANC officials and members linked to state capture and corruption.

The foundation’s executive director Neeshan Balton said: “The reduced political support for the ANC in this election is a clear indication that our people want politicians who are honest servant leaders, and who put the public interest nationally and provincially above that of the party.”

Addressing the party’s “thank you” rally outside the party’s Luthuli House headquarters in Johannesburg, Ramaphosa indicated his intention to remove tainted ministers.

“Through this election our people were saying they want an ANC that is going to run government properly,” Ramaphosa claimed. “With this election they were saying state capture must be history. We must never ever go back to state capture. The things we hear about at the Zondo Commission must be things of the past.

“We are going to appoint men and women who would have dedicated themselves, without fail, to work for the interest of our people. We are going to appoint men and women who are capable and who have great capability, who are visionaries and forward-looking. Men and women who know their story.”


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