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Spoilt ballots place 6th so far


South African voters spoilt enough ballots to win a place in parliament had they been for a contesting party, if all votes were counted.

By 14:30 on Thursday, 83,408 spoilt votes were already counted out of the 6,209,463 ballots, and the numbers were shocking.

If the spoilt ballot was a party, it could have placed them in sixth place on the national elections at the time. The amount of the spoilt ballots amounted to 1,3% of the total ballots and would have been enough for a few seats in parliament.

The spoilt ballots were surprisingly ahead of the ACDP’s  62,249 votes, standing at 1% of the counted votes. While the IFP was at 2% with 124,278 of the counted votes.

According to the reports there were 54 times more spoilt ballots than Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s African Content Movement, which was standing at 1,532 votes.

At the time, 45% of national votes had been counted, with the voter turnout of 65.47% in the completed voting stations.

The trend seemed to be the same across all the provinces.

At the time, ANC was leading with the most votes in the 2019 elections.

In Gauteng, the ANC was standing at 56.76%.

The DA was on the lead in Western Cape with 51.78 votes.

The ANC led with 69.69% of votes in the Eastern Cape.

In Free State, the ANC had 68.62%.

In KwaZulu-Natal, it stood at 56.80%.

In Mpumalanga, it led with 69.09%.

In North West, it also led with 64.92%.

In Limpompo, it led with an impressive 77.71% of the vote.

In Northern Cape, it sat at 57.48%.

The parties that were below 1% at the time were Good, UDM, ATM and COPE.

Counting continues across the country.


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