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Granny suing Woolworths after trolley crash


Maria Conradie (73), was severely injured when her shopping trolley crashed on the driveway of the Kolonbade Shopping Centre, north of Pretoria.

Conradie is suing Woolworths for R570 000 in damages.

According to her, she was on her way to her car, in June 2013, pushing her trolley when she battled to push it over a speed bump, resulting in her losing her footing.

She fell to the ground and the trolley overturned and landed on the right side of her body.

Conradie reveals that she broke her right arm and shoulder and had to receive a hip operation. She also spent two weeks in hospital.

According to the papers she filed at the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, she lost full use of her right arm and shoulder and had minor scars.

Conradie said that she was now permanently limping.

She blames Woolworths for the accident, explaining that the company should ensure that their trolleys are in good working order before allowing the public to use them.

According to her, the front wheel of the trolley malfunctioned which is why it overturned.

However, Woolworths has denied any liability for the accident, saying that the trolley may have overturned because it was overloaded with Conradie’s packages.

They added that they provided trolleys to their customers to utilise at their own risk.

However, the trolleys should be used in a reasonable manner to prevent injury.

They further explained that the trolleys should not be abused and must be used to carry reasonable amount of shopping.

The retailer also revealed that they outsourced the services of another company for the maintenance of the trolleys.

It was therefore the company’s duty to make sure that 95% of the trolleys in the store were operational. They also had to ensure that all wheels of the carts were functional.

That is why they believe they cannot be held responsible for the woman’s injuries.

The case was not ready to go ahead as scheduled this week and was eventually postponed indefinitely.


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