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Motorists in slow moving traffic under siege by criminals


Three men caught on camera after robbing motorists on Jan Smuts Avenue in Hyde park have sparked an outcry from Johannesburg motorists.

Motorists are now calling on the police to put an end to the growing number of robberies targeting drivers caught in slow moving traffic. They expressed concern over criminals who take advantage of peak traffic to taunt them and now want the police and metro police to join forces and curb the growing crime on the road.

“If the government officials don’t start doing their job properly, more and more citizens will end up taking matters into their own hands. Vigilantism will be a norm,” one of the drivers stated.

City of Johannesburg MMC for public safety Michael Sun confirmed they were aware of the robberies and were working hard to deal with them.

“We have an operational plan in progress already,” he claimed.

Metro police spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said they became aware of the situation through social media on Friday.

“Undercover officers have been deployed to monitor that area from today (Monday).”

Limukani Hadebe, a motorist, relayed a story about a robbery he once witnessed.

“We were sitting in traffic and this young lady driving a white Polo behind me got robbed. Two guys walked as if they were crossing the street and I was shocked to see one of the guys go half body into the car through the open window while the other one held the lady back, slapping her. It wasn’t even quick, it’s like they knew traffic would take long to move,” Hadebe told.

Social media users also shared their stories about traffic crimes.

@illegaladverts said: “Been going on for years at that intersection. Stabbings of motorists, armed robberies, just another day in the city of Joburg.”

@karabomophiring tweeted: “The problem is that when you go to the SAPS to report the crime, that’s all you are doing… writing an affidavit for insurance or whatever. No investigation data for mapping hotspots and detecting trends. It seems to be too much work.”

The motorists are advised to be cautious and vigilant when driving through the known crime hotspots.


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