Home Society ZANACO to pay IDC K9.2 mil dividends

ZANACO to pay IDC K9.2 mil dividends


ZANACO Bank Plc has published the value of dividends to the Industrial Development Corporation for the financial year.

According to the ZANACO CEO Henk Mulder, the bank will endeavor to stay profitable so the shareholders will have their dividends. He also stated that liquidity and profitability are the core values of the institution.

ZANACO Board Vice Chairperson Hastings Mtine stated that the bank will try to enlarge the shareholder investments to provide a higher return.

IDC as the holder of 25% shares in ZANACO will receive K9.2 million, comparing to K1.2 million in 2017.

IDC CEO Mateyo Kaluba stated that the funds will be invested in different projects in several areas of the country.


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