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Sam Smith abruptly stops CT show due to vocal strain


The multi Grammy winner left Cape Town concertgoers disappointed after he cut his show in just 45 minutes due to vocal strain.

This is Sam Smith’s first time performance in South Africa and many of his fans were elated when he announced that his The Thrill of it All World Tour would make a stop in South Africa.

The UK soul singer performed two dates in Johannesburg, which were praised by fans. But yesterday he performed the first of his three scheduled dates in Cape Town and his vocals gave in.

According to concert goers, 45 minutes into the concert a voice came on and announced: “bear with us while we have some technical difficulties.”

After a brief pause the voice came on again and announced that the concert was cancelled due to a vocal strain.

Big concert also released a statement that the show was cancelled.

However, there was no statement from the singer and ticket holders for tonight and tomorrow’s show in Cape Town are still in the dark about whether the singer will resume the tour.

Bennie Wessels responded to Big Concert’s statement.

Carlo Hill also responded:

Before the Cape Town show the Stay With Me singer revealed on his Instagram that he has been batting with intense anxiety.

“The last week, or so I’ve been doing these incredible shows, and from my pics, I look super happy and calm and collected. And I am happy, and sometimes I am calm. But the last few weeks my anxiety has been so f***ng intense! I can’t even begin to explain,” he posted.

“I’ve felt completely out of control and as if I’m going to snap and everything is going to come undone. However, for the first time ever I have been trying to really tackle and fight against these horrible thoughts and tidal waves of fear.”  

It is still unclear whether Smith will resume his tour tonight.


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