Home Accidents Supreme Court judges bribed by Lamasat over $12mln debt

Supreme Court judges bribed by Lamasat over $12mln debt


Lamasat International bribed several Supreme Court judges over a $12-million-dollar debt which the organisation owes to Atlas Mara.

According to the law, Lamasat should be placed on receivership so the bank is able to recover the money.

But the Supreme Court has started reversing the Court of Appeal after being bribed by Lamasat.

According to the Supreme Court, prosecution against Atlas Mara is stopped. This means  the Bank should stop any procedures at Lamasat.

It is alleged that Lamasat has bribed three Supreme Court judges through their lawyer in favour of the organisation.

On 7 March the Court of Appeal has discharged an Injunction against the Receivership and opened the case against Lamasa.

The Supreme Court has reinstated the injunction and is waiting for the final judgment.


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