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Prof’s son killed over R5


Prominent couple, Thapelo Sekonyane and his wife Bushy Sekonyane, were left traumatised when their eldest son was slain, after an altercation with a suspect over R5.

“It was the most horrible feeling seeing my son lying in a pool of blood,” Thapelo told IOL.

“It was really ‘manslaughter’. There was blood all over the place. It was very traumatic.”

Thabang was reportedly stabbed several times.

“Whoever did this really took advantage of Thabang’s size,” explained Thapelo.

Thapelo described him as “the most generous person, despite his shortcomings”.

While his wife Bushy says he was special to them. “He was such a jolly person. Nothing got him down. We would always have these little spats about food. He really was special.”

After the traumatic incident, Thapelo called on the police, community, political parties to open a dialogue about the killings that are infiltrating the city.

“There needs to be an open dialogue with everybody, as everybody is affected by this. Everyone needs to have a voice and lasting solutions should be found. Prevention is better than cure. Security clusters need to be more prominent; ward councilors should also become more involved as well as religious leaders.”

The distraught father also calls on government to assist in developing Operation Wanya Tsotsi to give them more power. “They are a beacon of hope to the community. They are a bright light in the dark. More needs to be done with them.”

Thabang will be laid to rest on Saturday after a church service at St Martins Lutheran Church in Coreless Road.


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