Home Society Mushimba to stop transporters’ lawlessness

Mushimba to stop transporters’ lawlessness


Minister of Transport and Communications Brian Mushimba urged Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo and Vincent Mwale of Local Government to meet and find a possible solution to the current situation when minibus and taxi drivers extort money from their passengers.

Mushimba realised how big the issue was after using mini buses for local and long distances himself.

“It’s true, there is lawlessness by mini-buses, taxis and drivers on our roads. They stop anyhow. Unruly cadres extort money out of people in this sector. Realizing the depth of the issues, I have called for a meeting with Hon Kampyongo and Vincent Mwale for a permanent solution,” Mushimba confirmed.

At the same time, many trasport businessmen complained that instead of helping to grow their business the government kept collecting money from bus and taxi operators without any proper structure in place. It is reported that Capital Bus Services, the owner of Flash buses, might even close down the business as the working environment was too unfavourable.


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