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PICS: The largest emerald cut diamond on sale


When the second largest raw diamond in the world was unearthed in Botswana, it size could be compared to a tennis ball. It weighed 1,100 carats then. Now it is known as the Graff Lesedi La Rona and weighs much less, 302.37 carats, but the emerald cut made its price so high that it is not even revealed.

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On April 10, Graff Jewelers unveiled the largest, highest clarity, highest colour diamond ever graded. It is the largest emerald cut diamond in the world.

“My love affair with diamonds is life-long and crafting the Graff Lesedi La Rona has been an honour. This diamond is beyond words,” Laurence Graff stated.

The name of the diamond – Lesedi La Rona – means ‘our light’ in Tswana. The detailed planning, laser cutting, shaping and faceting polish took more than 18 months.

“All our expertise, skill and accomplishment went into crafting this incredible diamond masterpiece, which is extraordinary in every way,” Graff added.

It was also reported that the rough diamond was large enough to produce 66 more smaller gems, all ranging between 1 and 26 carats. Some fragments will be donated to the Smithsonian Institute for research purposes.


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