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Plastic bricks to be produced in CT, PE and Joburg


As it was reported earlier, a new project has been discussed to recycle all types of plastic in South Africa. It is now set to be rolled-out.

The EcoArena PRA (Pre-Conditioned Resin Aggregate), which is shavings of plastics, will be used by the Centre of Regenerative Design and Collaboration to produce bricks. They are to be combined with a standard sand-cement mixture in construction industry.

According to Deon Robbertze, the final product will be lighter in weight but much stronger than a normal cement brick.

“We intend to start shredding plastic in the next three to four months with our plastic partners and that plastic will be pre-conditioned with lime and we’ll store it while we build our first factory properly – one in Cape Town and the second one in PE and the third in Johannesburg,” he said.

There is also a plan to form partnerships in the transport sector amongst others.

“The jobs we want to create is SMME’s around shredders and containers. Now those shredders will be placed in areas where the plastic waste is coming out of – post-industrial waste or post-consumer waste or a combination of these – and that’s in partnership with a waste recycling organisation.”


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