Home Politics Closure of Cape Town refugee office raises alarm

Closure of Cape Town refugee office raises alarm


The closing of the Cape Town Refugee Reception office means refugees will only be able to apply for asylum in Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and Musina.

The closure of the office, which has been inactive for six years, remains a concern for civil city organisations in the city.

The Scalabrini centre held a discussion to discuss issues surrounding migration and challenges that foreign nationals encounter daily.

The discussion included the African Centre for migration and Society and the University of Cape Town (UCT) Refugee Rights Unit.

Immigration experts are concerned that foreign nationals are finding it difficult to get documented and are unable to access healthcare services, education and employment.

This is because there are now only four refugee offices for refugees seeking asylum.

According to Eye Witness News, Popo Mfubu, an attorney at the Refugee Rights Unit at UCT, said: “We, as the country, taking into account our history, have an obligation and duty to make sure that we treat those coming to seek asylum in South Africa with a level of humanity, dignity and respect.”




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