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CEO of De Beers shows off 616 carat diamond in CT


On Thursday, the attendees of the Condé Nast International Luxury Conference at the Waterfront in Cape Town were left speechless when Bruce Cleaver took out a 616 carat rough diamond from his suit pocket.

The Condé Nast International Luxury Conference that started on Wednesday and will end tonight showcases the promise and value of the African market for the global luxury and fashion industry.

The Chief Executive Officer of the De Beers Group was invited to the prestigious international event to highlight the company efforts to ensure they gave back to the local communities and environment wherever their mines were based.

Everyone gasped when Cleaver revealed the Kimberley Octahedral diamond. The largest naturally formed octahedral diamond crystal ever found in the world was discovered in 1974.

“I would like to send it around the audience for everyone to look at, but I doubt it would reach me again,” Cleaver joked.

According to Cleaver, the company officers feel the responsibility to invest in a sustainable future. One of their current projects is called “Moving Giants”. It started in July 2018 at Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve in South Africa.

This nature reserve was created by De Beers Group around its mine. The environment is so safe for the animals that the elephant population reached 270 elephants. Only 60 elephants can stay there though, so the above mentioned project had to be started to move over 200 elephants to Mozambique.

“There is no greater symbol of Africa than the majestic elephant. For us to be able to help secure their future in Mozambique, while also ensuring other species at our Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve can flourish, is something every employee of De Beers Group is proud of,” Cleaver said.

The first 48 elephants arrived at Zinave National Park in July 2018. The rest will be moved to conservation areas in Mozambique in 2019.


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