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Gauteng in critical need of doctors and nurses


The healthcare sector in Gauteng has constantly been facing the shortage of medical staff — the issue that in recent years has become a horrible nationwide tendency.

On Tuesday, Prof Mkhululi Lukhele was questioned about the current state of the Gauteng’s main hospitals and the infrastructure as a whole. According to him, staffing and budgets allocated to them cannot keep up with demand for health services, which, in turn, results in a situation, when CEOs are unable to hire specialists because of the lack of money.

Lukhele explained that the stimulus package that was announced by Ramaphosa in December has helped improve the situation a lot, however, “it is still a drop in the ocean”.

Despite that, the province with two largest cities in South Africa attempts to deliver the medical services to residents as speedily as possible. Yet the process gets disrupted at times due to a number of additional reasons, including overcrowding.

“Ten years ago it had 7-million people, now it has 14.5m. The system is jamming,” Lukhele added.


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