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Zambian government establishes Diaspora policy


Zambian Vice President, Inonge Wina, says the government is going to further promote the active involvement of Zambians, living in the diasporas, in country’s socio-economic development.

Mrs. Wina noticed that the government wants to see all Zambians living abroad take part in the development of the nation.

This statement was made by the Vice President yesterday in Lusaka during the launch of the National Diaspora Policy.

Mrs. Wina said the government was inspired to formulate the diaspora policy by regional and continental efforts emerged during the first ever African Union global diaspora summit 2012 in South Africa.

She explained that the summit obligated all African Union member states to undertake proper measures to develop the respective diaspora policies with overall usage of available skills and recourses within the continent and out of it.

Mrs. Wina noticed that while developing this policy the government was mindful of the various challenges obstructing the participation of the diaspora in Zambia’s development course.

She mentioned that some challenges among others, include the lack of information on trade and investment opportunities, restricted access to financing sphere, the requirement for dual citizenship and high cost of money transactions.

However, Mrs. Wina stated that the policy launched yesterday will deal with some of these challenges. In addition, she mentioned that an online information portal is going to be launched by the end of the year which will broadcast all the information from the government to the citizens living abroad.

Mrs. Wina has appealed to Zambians living abroad to perform an image that shows the real truth about the country at all times.

She said by reason of globalisation and the technology development, fake news are spreading around the globe; therefore, there is a need for people living abroad to reflect a positive image of their country.

At the same time, Foreign Affairs Minister, Joseph Malanji, said that the government has a strong will to involve the diaspora into the national development.

Mr. Malanji stated that the government – diaspora relations have improved over the years; therefore, the country needs to make these people part of national development.


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