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Ramaphosa says no to Stage 4 load shedding


President Ramaphosa addressed the community members in Sandton, Johannesburg, on April 4. President highlighted the fact that at the current moment Eskom was a big problem for the country.

Ramaphosa stated that Stage 4 load shedding implemented by power utility Eskom last month was bad for South Africa’s economy and livelihoods. Cyril Ramaphosa especially emphasised that it should not happen again.

As it was said by Ramaphosa, every day he received the most updated information on the current state of affairs in Eskom.

”Each morning when I wake up I get information from Minister Gordhan updating me how the power grid looks like … he gets the information and beams it to me … each time I see green and a bit of surplus I breath easy. Eskom holds our livelihoods in its hands. We need to restructure Eskom but the big challenge is finance. Eskom is our only state company that has racked up R300 billion in debt … that is too much. Stage 4 was bad, we need to make sure it never happens again in South Africa. It was bad … bad for the economy and our livelihoods. Of course, we should have known, but it shouldn’t happen again.”


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