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Msimanga: Yeoville police taking bribes from foreign nationals

DA’s Gauteng’s Premier candidate Solly Msimanga. Image: ANTONIO MUCHAVE

The DA’s Gauteng’s Premier candidate Solly Msimanga has accused the Yeoville police station in Johannesburg of dereliction of duty after failing to investigate allegations of police accepting bribes.

Msimanga claims that the police at the stations have been accepting bribes from foreigners to release them from custody.

“I was disappointed that the top management of this station failed to adequately respond to this allegation, which is a clear indication that they might be hiding something,” said Msimanga.

“The only excuse provided to us by these police officers is that they are unable to disclose operational matters as that would jeopardise crime-fighting and active investigations.”

Msimanga added that like most police station in the country, the police station in Yeoville was understaffed and under-resourced.

“The Yeoville area is overpopulated with a combination of locals and foreign nationals, which makes it difficult to conduct proper policing in the area,” he said.

“Management has refused to provide us with statistics and are also not willing to share their successes and challenges with us. It is difficult to determine the validity of these allegations if top management is not willing to divulge any information.”

But Gauteng spokesperson Col Lungelo Dlamini vehemently denied these allegations adding that anyone with information should furnish it to the police.

“This office is not aware of the allegations regarding detention of foreigners where officers take bribes,” said Dlamini.

“However, anyone who might have such information may come forward so that the allegations may be investigated, as corrupt persons are a burden to any organisation.”

Dlamini added that there is a standard procedure that is followed by the police when arresting and processing foreign nationals.

“The process is normally done within 48 hours of their detention. Legal processes are followed by the police station when dealing with any person(s) detained for any specific reason,” he said.

While calling for a specialised drug unit at the station, Msimanga said the DA would be writing to Gauteng police commissioner Lt-GenElias Mawela to investigate.

“It is unacceptable for police officers to take advantage of the plight of illegal immigrants by demanding a bribe instead of following proper procedures,” he added.




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