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Former President Kgalema Motlanthe joins war on drugs


Former South African president, Kgalema Motlante has joined Global Mission on Drugs Policy (GCDP) to help combat illegal drug use.

“We wish Mr. Motlanthe all the best and look forward to meeting him in person to discuss what his country’s activists have been doing towards this global goal,” posted the organisation on their site.

A South African organisation, Fields of Green for All,  the website run by pro-cannabis activists Myrtle Clarke and Jules Stobbs, known as The Dagga Couple, also welcomed Motlanthe’s appointment.

GCDP has been vocal on its opposition to the Global approach on the “war on drugs” which is spearheaded by the United States (US). Their aim to combating the illegal drug use pandemic is through increased penalties, enforcement, and incarceration.

The organisation has been issuing reports pushing for decriminalisation and regulation of the drug markets by governments and even the legalisation of some drugs.

Motlanthe is also joined by former president of Mauritius, Cassam Uteem.

With the reported increase in illegal drug use in Southern Africa, The appointment of Montlanthe and Uteem could help the continent be part of the mission to eradicate or control illegal drugs.

“We have been waiting for some time for the focus of international drug policy to spread to Southern Africa,” posted the GCDP on their website.

“Hopefully the wait is over and we will join West and East Africa as the subjects of the important research and “on the ground” support that is so important for progress to be made in changing our punitive drug laws.”




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