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Zambian farmers prepare for climate change


Zambia as a part of the global community among others experiences the impact of climate change. Therefore, stakeholders need to make sure that farmers are prepared and properly equipped to maintain different agriculture systems that can help support delivery of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Global agri-business company Syngenta Territory Head of Africa & Middle East (AME), Jerome Barbaron, said the firm continues to improve stakeholder confidence in the farming and agricultural innovation sectors.

“Syngenta will continue to work with stakeholders to help farmers improve yields and increase their productivity under the changing climatic conditions in Zambia. And in an effort to build a shared vision for sustainable agriculture, we continue to engage stakeholders through listening and dialogue on technology and knowledge transfer to help farmers contribute to food security.”

“We are working together with stakeholders to build viable, productive and resilient farms, using modern agricultural technologies to safely feed Zambia while taking care of the land and environment. We continue to provide farmers and rural communities with solutions to help them to thrive and deliver safe and nutritious food,” speaking at the recent Syngenta National Field Day in Chongwe, Country Head Tibor Czigany said.

The annual field day organized by Syngenta gives an all-round platform for farmers and the company to share knowledge on what is the best way to use the technology power and agriculture knowledge to provide the best results for farmers’ production in Zambia.

Meanwhile, Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II thanked Syngenta for doing business in her chiefdom and urged the firm to feel free to do more investments as it brings more benefit to the farmers in the area. She also praised Syngenta’s farming technology and appreciated the FORTENZA Duo technology which fights the army worm which has ravaged the farmers’ fields including hers.

She also asked the government to build dams in her area to help small scale farmers irrigate their crops during difficult seasons like this.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture, Michael Katambo, Director of Seed Control and Certification Institute Mable Simwanza said that the government will continue its efforts that are aimed at increasing agricultural production and productivity to achieve food and nutrition security at both national and household levels.

“We value these efforts which are aimed at supporting our farmers and we will continue to promote a private sector led agricultural transformational agenda by creating an enabling environment that will expand private sector opportunities,” she said.



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