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‘Total shutdown’ protest in Alexandra


The morning in Alexandra started early today: at 4am the township shut all exits and entrances with barricades made of stones and burning tyres. The residents are protesting against bad policing and occupation of RDP houses by foreigners.

To prevent the protest from becoming violent, the police squads have arrived. It is reported that next to the Marlboro Gautrain station they had to use rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

“I was born and bred in Alexandra. Today we are protesting to bring our Alexandra back. We are sick and tired of corruption that has been going on. Our land has been invaded by intruders. People coming from outside want to take what belongs to us. We are not fighting anyone. We are just making a statement to be heard but the police are shooting at us, that is not acceptable,” one of the residents explained.

Members of the township community complain that the police are not fighting the spread of drugs and ignore their pleas to arrest those involved in the crime.

“Crime is getting worse. We have a police station that doesn’t work for us as a community,” she said.

As for the foreigners, they allegedly occupied RDP houses and took over vacant land to build shacks. Alexandra residents have already evicted several families from RDP houses, saying they had been allocated the property by corrupting the distributors.


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