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Zambian Church needs to focus on unifying the country


Senior Chief Chiwala of Masaiti district, on the Copperbelt Province has addressed the Church urging it to be careful when handling national issues.

The traditional leader, who urges the Church to focus on uniting the country instead of siding with politicians, noted that failure to do so will harm their main aim of winning souls into the kingdom of God by emphasising salvation.

According to ZANIS report, Senior Chief Chiwala noted that the Church is supposed to be a place where everyone can find solace and sanctuary in God, regardless of their political preferences.

Moreover, he said if churches took sides thinking they were doing the right choice, it would be difficult to cooperate with their flock, who were going to vote themselves.

Senior Chief Chiwala who is also the Lamba-Lima Royal Establishment Chairperson, said there were a lot of sins taking place in the country, which the church should strongly condemn.

The traditional leader noted that potential political violence can set the country on fire if not properly addressed.

He also stated that excessive alcohol and drugs consumption among the youth, teenage pregnancies, and gender based violence are some of the issues the Church should stand against.

He added that the Church and traditional leadership should work together while being neutral and calm the tension that is gradually infesting the nation.

He further appealed to the Members of Parliament asking them to put the people’s interests first, before their own as the National Dialogue Bill is being tabled in Parliament.


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