Home Society Zambian Ministry of Health donates medical supplies to cyclone Idai victims

Zambian Ministry of Health donates medical supplies to cyclone Idai victims


Vice President Inonge Wina has collected donations of medical supplies worth 403,405 USD from the Ministry of Health. The donation is intended to be given to the communities affected by cyclone Idai in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Mrs. Wina stated these supplies should help people to restore their health after challenges they faced following the disruption of health facilities by the disaster.

She noted that the destruction brought by the cyclone has significantly worsened the provision of essential services such as healthcare.

“The breakdown in sanitary and water facilities has resulted in outbreak of epidemics such as cholera as already reported in Beira”, she said.

She added the donation should reduce multiple obstacles in providing medical help to the affected communities.

Mrs. Wina noted that the Ministry of Health made certain estimations to define how much of the supplies can be sent to the three affected countries and how much should remain in Zambia so it does not run out of medical reserves to support the local population.

She said Zambians should not be worried that the government was sending such large amount of supplies at the expense of their own people.

Mrs. Wina said President Lungu insisted on helping the neighbouring countries as Zambia is a member of SADC just like the affected countries .

The donation was received yesterday at Medical Stores warehouse in Lusaka.


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