Home Economy Zambia-based French fries company to begin production in 2019

Zambia-based French fries company to begin production in 2019


A German company that will produce potato chips or French fries for both domestic and regional export markets is expected to start operations this year said German Agri business president Frank Nordman.

He said the initiative is a direct response to the growing potato business in the region.

Mr. Nordman stated that 10 German businesses and a 7 member Ministerial delegation will be attending Chisamba Agriculture show under the auspices of German Agribusiness Alliance.

Frank Nordman said the delegation wanted to meet the Minister of Agriculture and share their vision for their investment in the country.

He noted German farmers in Zambia have improved their potato growth to a complete satisfaction of the local market thus making import unnecessary.

“We can assure you Your Excellency that we are able to fully supply the Zambian market with potatoes without recourse to outside suppliers”, Mr. Nordman Said.

The German Agribusiness Alliance is very grateful to Zambian government for providing the necessary support as an indication of its commitment to the agricultural sector development.

Agriculture is one of the growth points for Zambian economy under the presidency of Edgar Lungu. One million hectares of land have been set aside for investors, both local and foreign to turn around the agricultural sector.


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