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Eskom refutes claims over safety breaches at Koeberg


South African power utility Eskom confirms that no breaches were made at the Koeberg nuclear power plant in the Western Cape.

In a statement on Sunday, the organization representatives said that both power units at the station were running safely and no such incidents had occurred.

The alarm has been raised after video footage of vlogger Willem Petzert talking about nuclear safety breaches started to circle on the web. According to Eskom, that was an act of misunderstanding from the Petzert’s behalf as he spoke about the incidents happened long ago.

“Our licence has in place stringent conditions that we always adhere to under close regulation by the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR). To this end, the information that Mr Petzer [in the video recording] has twisted is from a public document with responses given to Parliament about three incidents,” Ntuli, the plant’s General Manager said.

Koeberg is the sole nuclear plant within the country, which is currently producing 1960 MW into South Africa’s power grid.


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