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Kenyans edit Zambia’s Wikipedia page after the Nairobi fight night


Wikipedia Wikipedia administrators have locked Zambian page for editing this week after the jokily edits by Kenyans were made in escalation of the Nairobi fight night.

It all started with the World Boxing Council (WBC) Super Bantamweight weight title between Kenya’s Fatuma Zarika and Zambia’s Catherine Phiri that took place last Saturday.

During the match build up, Kenyans and Zambians trolled each other on social media.

Zarika won the fight but some Kenyans and Zambians believe the match was rigged in her favour.

The fight, however, provoked Kenyans to go further and to edit Zambia’s Wikipedia page in a ridiculous way.

One of the remarks made by Kenyans claimed that Zambians are called “zombies” and that the country is a “quarantined” village in South Africa, which was “established and marked for medical science purposes in 1429”.

“Tumeedit Wikipedia to show Zambia as a villa in South Africa and its people as zombies. Tumeweza sasa,” bragged one Kenyan on Kilimani Mums Facebook group.

Samson Wanjohi, a Kenyan Wikipedia Editor, said: “Would you simply see no evil and look away from Kenya/Zambia beef on a boxing match? Enyewe Zambia’s Wikipedia is messed up by KOT lol.”

Kenyans also wrote that Zambia’s capital city Lusaka is named after “a former Kenya’s Speaker for the National Assembly Kenneth Lusaka”.

Kenneth Lusaka is the incumbent Speaker for the Kenya’s Senate and has never served as Speaker of the lower chamber. Kenneth Marende is the former Speaker of the National Assembly.

The edits also stated that Zambia’s border with DR Congo is a “piece of ridicule in Africa due to its shape”.

Wikipedia editors have since corrected the information and locked the page against editing.



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