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Gender equality is important – Ramaphosa


President Cyril Ramaphosa said that at the moment the issues of gender equality were being addressed in South Africa to avoid discrimination of women.

At the meeting with the HIP Alliance as part of the African National Congress’ elections campaign, the President also responded to all interested. Various speakers were given the opportunity to personally talk to the President about the future of the country in different areas such as business, politics and government.

Ramaphosa stated that women should have the same economic opportunities as men. Moreover, he confirmed his commitment to empowerment of women in employment, they should be allowed to achieve high positions.

“We are working very closely with civil society on a national plan on gender-based violence, empowerment of women, and in a few days, we will be signing a declaration that specifically deals with the economic empowerment of women,” Ramaphosa said.

The President also touched on the problems of racial discrimination and noted that there was already clear progress in this issue. Thanks to the Internet, people quickly learn about existing racial discrimination, which is strongly condemned by society.


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