Home Accidents 41-year-old businessman commits suicide in Chisamba

41-year-old businessman commits suicide in Chisamba


A 41-year-old businessman from Fringilla Farm in Chisamba area, Central Province, has committed suicide.

Chola Katanga, Central Province Commissioner of Police confirmed the incident today.

Police identified the body as Charles Birke, adding that he took his life by cutting his legs at thigh level using his workshop grinder.

The incident happened yesterday between 14:30 and 16:30 hours.

Mr. Katanga said the deceased was found in the house and he left a note for his wife.

The Central Province Police Chief told that according to Mr Bike’s widow, Charles was depressed over an illness he had been diagnosed with.

The police visited the scene and found no foul play. The body has been taken to Chisamba Clinic Mortuary.


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