Home Society Zambia lacks awareness on morality – Religious Affairs Minister

Zambia lacks awareness on morality – Religious Affairs Minister


National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister, Godfridah Sumaili, has argued there was a need for collective effort in educating the citizens on national values and principals.

She stated that even though big progress had already been made on realising national values and principles, there was still a need for more sensitisation on this important subject.

Reverend Sumaili has already reached to various stakeholders such as the clergy, traditional leaders and family elders to discuss the importance of national values and principles.

Godfridah Sumaili told that national values provided citizens with an identity and guideline on how they should treat each other and conduct themselves.

“As a ministry we are very delighted with the progress that has been made in realising our national values and principles,” she said.

Reverend Sumaili also called for national unity and patriotism.

“We are one people, we can speak different languages, but we are one. God is a God of variety and that is what gives us strength as a people of Zambia, so we need to be one,” she said.


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