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WhatsApp hotline to report reckless drivers in Joburg


A new WhatsApp hotline has been introduced by the City of Johannesburg: drivers are encouraged to send photos and videos of reckless drivers.

The hotline will be operated by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD). More details will be presented by Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba, he is also expected to launch it.

According to Public Safety MMC Michael Sun, every day requests from the citizens have been coming to deploy JMPD officers to more areas. The hotline should solve the burning issue.

“We are firstly very excited but I think this excitement is built on a lot of frustration and anger by our community and residents in and around the City of Johannesburg. Day in and day out we receive reports about a lot of reckless drivers on our roads, they even drive towards oncoming traffic and pavements,” Sun confirmed.


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