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Poet Ntsiki Mazwai sparks tribalism debate on Mampintsha’s case


Mthokozi Khathi, popularly known as DJ Tira came under the wrath of social media users after promoting alleged woman beater Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo’s new song. The conversation has however sparked a debate on tribalism.

This is after poet Ntsiki Mazwai slammed Mampintsha’s new single Kukhona iy’ngane la endlini, which loosely translated means ‘there are children in the house’ and went further on to ask which tribe in South Africa had the most abusive men.

The words ‘Kukhona iy’ngane la endlini’ were reportedly spoken by Mampintsha in the assault video shot live on Babes Wodumo’s Instagram account showing the boyfriend assaulting her.

DJ Tira said at the time: “It is with great sadness we wake up to yet another report of domestic violence when our country is already full of so much shame. It is also with great sadness I have to deal with the backlash of this issue as a third party continuously being dragged by the South African public.

“I strongly and wholeheartedly stand by my belief and conviction that no man and I repeat, no man should ever lay a hand on a woman, no matter what the circumstances, as men, we are raised by women, nurtured by women, loved by women and we should never forget that.

“My heart is really sad for Babes Wodumo and no woman should have to go through this. For those of you who know me, you know that I have never and would never enable abuse. I have since reached out to Babes Wodumo, who is at home safe and sound.”

The conversation degenerated when Mazwai took to Twitter to post a series of tweets making insinuations about Zulu men and the Zulu culture.

#Ngiyazikhulumela @ntsikimazwai

I’m seeing all the support that mampintsha is getting from his zulu brothers and I can only conclude that this behaviour is part of their culture?? Balance me please

But some Twitter users were not impressed.

Bo Mbindwane

✔ @mbindwane

There’s a concerted antiZulus tribalism clicking on social media in South Africa by predominantly Tswana and Xhosa language speaking ladies. It’s deeply worrisome. It also means this issue will be breastfed to future offsprings of our land.

Bongiwe Ndaba @NdabaBongiwe

Replying to @DjMjora @ntsikimazwai

She doesn’t see she is dividing black people, attacking zulu people is a form of divide and conquer. She always blames a group that she is not part off, you will never hear her bash xhosa black women or culture because she is that. She claims to care for black people.


Replying to @ntsikimazwai

Zulu men abuse their partners; however it is not our culture. We don’t like it we don’t condone it, hence it’s a crime. For you to ask if it’s a Zulu culture I found it very distasteful. It is no one’s custom to hurt another.

Lol’popu @LollyMkunqwana

Replying to @NontoZitha @ntsikimazwai

I don’t believe it’s a culture thing either. But do you not question why it’s more prevalent amongst Zulu pple? Or maybe that tweep was right, since there’s more of you than everybody else in SA, it’s a proportionality issue?
What’s your take?

Tha @PeaceInHislove

Dear Zulu people. Stop allowing tweets from people you don’t even know affect you. They hate you cause you have a sense of identity & rich history, they are JEALOUS. Stop answering them, they aren’t God, stop entertaining their tweets they won’t put food on your table.

Mlungisi Benzema @MlungisiBenzema

Its hard being Zulu in these twitter streets. The tribalism we get subjected to is too much!! As soon as we defend ourselves everyone cries foul.

Christo @ChristoThurston


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