Home Politics Young African Leaders Initiative praises Zambian government for fast reforms

Young African Leaders Initiative praises Zambian government for fast reforms


The Young African Leaders Initiative has expressed appreciation to the government for being bold enough and introducing the legislative and institutional reforms urgently protecting the process by a legal framework.

Previously the Minister of Justice on behalf of the government approved and tabled before Parliament the National Dialogue Forum a bill which ensured that all governance legislative reforms were supported by a legal framework to make sure the process was legally binding.

The legislation includes the Public Act, the Electoral Process Act and the Refinement of the Constitution of Zambia.

YALI President Andrew Ntewewe said there was a long need for this process because the protraction of the dialogue under the auspices of the church failed as some individuals wanted to usurp the agenda which was already reconciled by all political parties at the Siavonga meeting.

Mr Ntewewe said some people wanted to use the church led process to score political points but the bill would make sure that the agenda, agreed upon by all political parties in the Siavonga meeting, was protected and respected.

He encouraged the citizens and all stakeholders to take part in the National Dialogue process under the aegis of this legal framework that was represented in Parliament by the Minister of Justice.

Mr Ntewewe noted that for the last three decades Zambia struggled to accept numerous constitutional and institutional reforms that were meant to enforce democratic governance while the various constitutional reform commissions had not resulted in positive changes.

He said that President Lungu’s Administration showed political will to make sure that the reforms became a reality and not just a dream.

“We have been made aware that there is systematic effort by disgruntled elements who would like to derail this well thought out process. We once again want to reiterate our long held view that there is only one legally and legitimate body with the responsibility to make and amend laws. The Constitution is article 62 (3) is very instructive that Parliament has the sole mandate to amend and make laws”, he added.

Mr Ntewewe further urged the government not to forget its responsibility to facilitate this governance reforms agenda adding that they should not get distracted by any obstacles.

He noticed that the blame of reform process failure would fall on the shoulders of the government adding that any hidden actions aimed to derail and frustrate this process should be strongly condemned.


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