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Taxis close down Vereeniging


Taxi drivers blocked all roads leading to and from the Gauteng town of Vereeniging on Wednesday morning. Multiple arrests followed their protest.

Police spokesperson Capt Fikile Funda said that the situation in the area was tense but quiet at first.

“They [taxi operators] have used trucks to block the road. Apparently they have stopped trucks passing and asked to block all the exits and entrances. Minibuses are also being used to block the roads,” Funda said.

The taxi drivers informed the police that they were waiting for a delegation from the legislature to sort out some issues.

Funda confirmed that “maximum” forces were brought to the area. Once the tempers started to heat up, the police had to fire rubber bullets and stun grenades at the protestors.

According to Funda, no damage to property or casualties were reported.


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