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Cause of Gill Packham’s death: fractured skull


According to post-mortem report, Gill Packham died after being hit hard on the right-hand side of her head with a blunt object that broke her jaw and fractured her skull in a number of places.

Skull injuries caused death of Constantia resident Gill Packham whose body was found in the boot of her burnt-out BMW at the Diep River Station on February 22, 2018. The main suspect, her husband, Rob Packham, was on trial at the Western Cape High Court today.

As reported last week, the court has already heard evidence from the couple’s daughter, a southern suburbs neighbourhood watch member, and a Diep River resident Keenan Thomas, who placed the accused near the crime scene on the night of murder.

While testifying, Doctor Louise Friedling used a plastic skull to explain how Packham had sustained three blows to her skull. These must have caused her death. Friedling said Packham was struck with such a force that it was enough to fracture two of the strongest and hardest bones in the body found in the head and facial area.

The murderer did not stop hitting the victim even when she was dead: the blow to the left-hand side of her skull occurred post-mortem.

“Although it’s hard to say my guess is that she was hit with something heavy like a lamp stand or a plank,” Dr Friedling mentioned.

The murder weapon has never been recovered, but the State supports their charges that Gill’s husband of 30 years murdered her in their Constantia home. Then, in order to destroy evidence and defeat the ends of justice, he removed all traces of blood from the garage and their bathroom and then burnt Gill’s body at Diep River railway station.

Packham pleaded not guilty again. He is held at Pollsmoor.


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