Home Accidents Violent protest in Lenasia South left 1 JMPD officer injured

Violent protest in Lenasia South left 1 JMPD officer injured


A large group of protestors, that gathered in Lenasia South near Johannesburg, have injured one of the police officers, who tried to disperse the raging crowd.

The local residents formed a protest on Monday morning demanding additional services for their community: the construction of roads and water drain system as well as electrification of 20 RDP houses in Hospital Hills.

The people were outraged by Mayor Herman Mashaba’s actions as he allegedly prioritised Meriting informal settlement – which is outside Lenasia South – for development ahead of their living areas.

In response to the situation, the police deployed several officers from the local department. According to JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar, a superintendent was hit on his head with a stone when he approached the crowd. He was later transported to hospital for treatment.

“Initially we were told earlier that residents would march to the municipal offices to deliver their memorandum. But we were shocked when they started blockading roads, demonstrating. They have damaged road signs and traffic robots. We are going to monitor the situation until calm is restored,” Lenasia South police spokesperson Sergeant Khalipha Mvula said.


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