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Driver crashed into Pretoria police station


A middle-aged man crashed into the Lyttelton police station’s detective offices. Pretoria police station members have arrested the driver who was allegedly drunk.

The man is expected to appear in court.

As Captain Colette Weilbach said, at about 17:15 on Thursday a Lyttelton Manor man rammed his SUV into the gate at his home in Langebrink Road which is located behind the Lyttelton police station. As the investigators alleged, the person passed out with his foot on the petrol pedal.

“The vehicle picked up momentum and crashed through his wall into his neighbour’s yard and through his neighbour’s wall at the back. He drove over the busy Clifton Avenue while miraculously missing all oncoming traffic. He then crashed through the police station’s fence and right into some detective offices,” he added.

Weilbach also noted that luckily the detective offices were empty. As a result, no one was injured, including the driver:

“The driver was also without any injuries. The detectives’ buildings were badly damaged. Dockets had to be removed to another safe building. Some of the offices are without electricity as the power box was also damaged,” he said.


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