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66 Mozambicans die in pre-storm floods, Cyclone Idai to hit


A massive tropical cyclone named Idai has reached Mozambique and will reportedly strike its central areas tonight. Prior to the category 3 cyclone’s arrival, the country already lost at least 66 of its residents to pre-storm flooding.

After gathering power over the Indian Ocean, Idai made landfall late Thursday night local time just south of Beira, bringing a devastating storm surge and additional flooding to the nation’s fourth-largest city.

“We are expecting more than 100mm of rain in places; it could even reach 200mm or more in places. The main thing is wind damage and high waves that could go up to 10m,” South African Weather Service forecaster Jan Vermeulen said.

The National Government has decreed a red alert due to worsening weather conditions, preparing the country for the upcoming disaster. South African officials are working with their counterparts in Mozambique through the National Joint Operations Centre to share information on the storm and its likely impact.


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