WATCH: EFF members’ abusive littering on student protest caught on camera, became viral


A scandalous video that shows two female EFF members littering, forcing a white student to clean after them, has made its way onto social media, resulting in a serious backlash.

According to the reports, the incident occurred at The University of Free State (UFS) where learners formed a demonstration on Monday to demand additional privileges. The group was led by, among others, the EFF.

The half-minute-clip shows callous party members partaking in the protest action by way of throwing garbage out of campus bins and a young white man, allegedly student Eckhard Binding, who tried to put rubbish back in place. Instead of him just giving up, he seems determined to make his point, so the scene repeats itself numerous times.

As for the time being, none of either the EFF’s high members or SA authorities and officials have commented on the incident.


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