Home Accidents Cape Town taxi driver shot dead during the trip

Cape Town taxi driver shot dead during the trip


A Cape Town taxi driver has allegedly been shot dead during the trip. At this moment the local police department is investigating a case of murder. According to preliminary data, the man has been attacked in Langa.

The man, who is believed to be a cab driver in Cape Town, was killed by an unknown murderer on Saturday. As it is alleged, he was responding to a trip request in Durbanville on that evening.

The local police’ spokesperson says the driver was stabbed multiple times and was transported to the hospital. Then the paramedics decided to transfer him to another hospital where he later died.

As the police’ representative Frederick van Wyk says an investigation is underway:

“We opened an attempted car hijacking and assault case for investigation. After he died in hospital, we changed the case to murder for further investigation.”


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