Cosatu to continue supporting Ramaphosa, ANC in May elections


Labour federation Cosatu with more than 1,6 million members has decided not to change its national congress resolution and will continue to support the ANC as well as president Cyril Ramaphosa.

Earlier, the union’s affiliated leaders suggested moving away from cooperation with the ANC in order to start backing the SA Communist Party (SACP). The main reasons for a priority switch were Eskom issues and, especially, the way the current government has dealt with them.

Cosatu previously expressed unhappiness with the decision of splitting the state-own company into three entities responsible for power generation, distribution and transmission as, according to the federation, it would severely affect ordinary workers.

However, Cosatu’s deputy general secretary, Solly Phetoe said the question of whether the federation should support the ANC in the election was raised too sharply in the central executive committee (CEC) meeting.

 “The only way to review the congress resolution is by convening a special national congress. The CEC has no mandate to change the congress resolution. Its responsibility is to implement the congress resolution,” he said.


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