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It’s fake: funeral parlor opened a case against Alph Lukau’s church


A funeral parlor has opened a case against the Alleluia International Ministries, an Alph Lukau’s church. The parlor expressed anger about the controversy surrounding the so-called resurrection of a dead man and its’ involvement in it.

As it has been reported earlier, a video which captured the church leader Alph Lukau’s praying over the supposedly dead man has become viral. As the funeral service says, the procession seemed suspicious and improbable.

As it follows from the video, there was a Kings and Queens Real Funeral Services’ logo on the vehicle. However, the company says it has only provided a so-called resurrection with the vehicle.

Some South African religious leaders and churches have urged to arrest Alph Lukau.


  1. Why arrest the pastor who just pray for the already breathing corpse. Why not arrest the family the driver plus the man who was dead before arresting the pastor who was just interrupted during service.
    To determine why the family when they suspect the dead is alive to go to the hospital or saps but the church.
    To determine how involved is church
    Then arrest according to law and facts nit what the media has published.

  2. The pastor and the family should be arrested and the stupid fool arising from the coffin.The fact is,the pastor is the first culprit,according to the Bible only Jesus and only Him can raise the dead.

  3. The so called man of God should have just said,why bring a breathing man in coffin first & foremost ,ask has he been certified dead by authorities? Those were the questions that any intelligent person let alone a man led by holy spirit should have askec


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