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ANC’s Zizi Kodwa denies all rape accusations


African National Congress presidency spokesman Zizi Kodwa has denied all sexual assault accusations, saying he was not involved in the Johannesburg hotel’s incident. The statement was voiced during a media briefing held on Sunday.

Earlier an unnamed woman who was not an ANC member addressed a letter to the official, in which she claimed that Kodwa seduced her at an apartment at Michaelangelo in April 14, 2018. According to the text, Kodwa offered her a couple of drinks and then invited her to his room.

“A few hours later we wake up to three men applauding that ‘it was going down here’. There were used condoms and your blue underwear on the floor. I remember this because you had been wearing the hotel robe loosely, ” the woman wrote.

Kowda, in turn, claimed the letter was a ”dirty tricks” campaign that had no relevance to the reality.

”At the outset, I deny these accusations with the contempt they deserve. I refuse to succumb to extortion and blackmail. Most importantly, I refuse to bow down to dirty tricks by cowards operating from factional dark corners, using women to fight or neutralise me,” the official said in his response.


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