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DFIM Director General distinguished Zambia among other South African countries as stable, democratic and peaceful


The United Kingdom Department for International Development Director General Lindy Cameron met with the Zambian Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe in her office in Lusaka, yesterday.

Ms. Cameron has appreciated the Zambian Government hard line towards protecting public resources. It is very significant for the international and local community to see that the government is serious about solving the problem of wasting public resources and improving the effectiveness of public service delivery.

«It is inspiring to listen to your fiscal sustainability plans. I am confident that working together, we will develop programs that will achieve a better impact, not only on the growth of small and medium enterprises but also on activities that will have a lasting positive impact on poverty reduction,” DFIM chief noted.

The fiscal measures of 2019, debt management and social investments were among other issues also discussed at the meeting.

Ms. Mwanakatwe recited the main provisions of the Economic Stabilization Program and the Seventh National Development Plan. Zambia’s goal is to rationalize taxation levels in order to achieve optimal revenue mobilization in the country’s aspirations. These projects were created to set a sound foundation for sustained growth, improved economic management, and increased in the welfare of people – without leaving anyone behind.

The Minister also told Ms. Cameron that the government had implemented a progress tracking system, which would increase control over spending and demonstrate that taxpayers’ money was rationally directed towards the country’s economic growth programs.

She added that the Zambian government in 2019 decided to provide more opportunities for the private sector to obtain affordable loans and expand its business by systematically reducing government borrowing in the market.

The Senior United Kingdom Government official also decided to take the opportunity to invite Mrs. Mwanakatwe to the UK-Africa Investment Forum which takes place in London in November 2019.


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