Home Accidents WATCH: man tore wig off the head of unsuspecting driver

WATCH: man tore wig off the head of unsuspecting driver


An unknown bully stole a wig from the head of the unsuspecting woman who was sitting in her car. The man stuck his hand through the car window when the glass was down while the woman was driving during rush hour. The incident occurred on the M4 bridge on Tuesday afternoon.

Nombeko Madiba, a woman whose wig was torn off, pointed out that she did not care about a wig. The main thing, according to her, is that she was injured.

“The wig is not the problem but the car and me. I don’t know what happened but my car’s sun protector is broken and my head hurts, so I need to go to the doctor soon,” she said.

The motorist Charlene Cross, who was behind the victim, managed to record the incident on her DVR. According to the woman, a police officer who was nearby jumped out of the car and tried to pursue the thief. However, the perpetrator managed to escape.

Charlene Cross also said that on the same bridge, a man broke the side window of a passenger car and tore out a mobile phone from the woman’s hands.

“I was on my way home, I go through the Warwick market to join the M4, that area is unfortunately absolutely inundated with homeless people, they sleep under the bridge and hang around the robots looking for opportunities to commit a crime,” the woman said.


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