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EU is influenced by Mnangagwa’s sincerity


The European Union (EU) Council has recently decided not to extend sanctions on members of the Zimbabwean Government as proposed by the EU parliament and Britain that speaks volumes with regards to President Mnangagwa’s sincerity to better the lives of locals. However, President Mnangagwa’s honesty with regards to his promise to respect the citizenship rights, achieve middle-income status by 2030 and end Zimbabwe’s international isolation was quite controversial. But the EU must have looked at President Mnangagwa’s track record since assuming office and gave him benefit of doubt against the opposition and pseudo-CSOs’ unverified claims.

Firstly, Mnangagwa managed to organize the most peaceful election in the history of Zimbabwe as his opponents were free to hold authorized demonstrations everywhere in the country.

After August disturbances of 2018, Mnangagwa promised to constitute a commission of inquiry and make the findings public. This action was a historic one. The President did not want to hide any details because his Government acted constitutionally under difficult circumstances.

As soon as January 2019 disturbances came, President Mnangagwa promised transparency on the matter again.

Recently the Zimbabwean Government has been working on re-aligning media and law to the constitution that resulted in Government approving the new bills formulation to replace Public Order and Security Act (POSA) and Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA), on 19 February 2019. This step means further opening of the democratic space in the country. It clearly demonstrates that the President is not against peaceful protests or airing of divergent views.


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